Effective inbound tactics

Attract. Convert. Close.

“Inbound marketing is a strategy that utilizes many forms of pull marketing – content marketing, blogs, events, SEO, social media and more – to create brand awareness and attract new business” Marketo

The methodology behind inbound B2B digital marketing sets a clear path for driving customers to your business: Attract → Convert → Close.
To map this journey, you must understand the psychological and behavioral processes that potential customers experience.

You have to learn what interests them and what they consider important.


You have to encounter your potential customers at the early stages of the acquisition process and map step-by-step the path they should follow to reach you and your offering.

This path is made of accurate, target-oriented content that is presented to potential audiences before they consolidate an opinion of what they want and turn to Google for assistance.

Good content that speaks the individual customer’s language causes them not only to click a call to action or return to your site for more information, but also to share your content with friends and followers in their social channels.


The conversion phase is where you use calls to action and landing pages. Calls to action must be clear, to the point, attention grabbing, pleasant to the eye – in short, they must be effective.
The same applies to your landing pages. Each landing page must target a specific audience and make a specific offer.

Some landing pages can prompt visitors to enroll in a webinar, others can invite them to obtain a demo or free trial of your product. This is direct targeting that ensures that each visitor gets exactly what they need, driving them to give you more details about themselves.

This is the time to establish a personal connection with them and get in touch with as many of those leads as possible.

Use your CRM to keep track of their interests and your interaction with them.
Equip your personnel with the tools they need to engage new buyers.
Send emails with relevant, focused content based on personal interests and then follow up with a phone call.

The work here is hard, but the benefits are endless.


While this is not part of the Attract → Convert → Close path, it’s no less important. Just like you expect your prospects and customers to be loyal to you, you must be loyal to them.
After you strike a deal, keep giving your customers valuable content that they want to consume.

To keep them engaged and provide them with value, survey them on an ongoing basis.
Use their feedback to fine-tune your offering to them and others.
Prepared outstanding content that is tailored to their specific needs, help them attain their goals,
and keep them always in mind when you introduce new products or services.

Last but not least – listen to them.
Answer their questions, respond to their comments and even complaints and keep in mind that returning customers are as valuable as new ones.

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