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When you try and think of brands that are crushing it in the social media arena, the few first examples that come to mind are B2C companies, right?
That’s no wonder since B2C brands are living and breathing social media.

B2B companies, however, are hesitant or straight out avoiding having a proper presence on social media channels.
This ignores the shift the business world has gone through along with the digital revolution in the last decade.

Most importantly, it ignores an entire generation that today holds a significant percentage of the workforce,

From customer-oriented marketing activities to reach potential candidates for your HR efforts, social media presence is a must in today’s world.

Why Us?

For over a decade now, we have been leaders in the B2B digital marketing arena.

We specialize and work mainly closely to companies that are in the IT, software, hi-tech, and life science sectors. 

We are a Lifecycle Marketing agency based in Israel, with happy clients from all over the world.

We believe that out of the box thinking is not an option when it comes to marketing and we practice it every day.

We are experts in combining our deep marketing knowledge with HR and Internal Communications to help our clients reach a more complete organizational picture. 

We have in-depth knowledge of the nature of the B2B market,
its special aspects and characteristics. 

We know how audiences feel, behave, and act on social media and how it affects the brand’s entire digital presence.

Our unique ability to sync Marketing and HR efforts enables us to give an extensive number of services and solutions, which are tailor-made for the organization.


Market Research & Target Audiences
For prospects, active customers, potential candidates, and current employees. We will provide you with a detailed analysis of how your competitors are performing on social media for each target audience and which platforms and features are popular within your target audience.
Brand Persona
We will establish a brand persona which will determine the brand's tone of voice and use as a guideline of how your brand communicates on social media.
Content Plan
We will plan and execute a cohesive long-term content plan which will convert the brand's key messaging into curated content for each different platform.
Measurement & Optimization
We will supply you with monthly insights into your social activity, audience engagement, your market positioning, and industry trends. Due to our findings, we will optimize and enhance social content.

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