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Five Essential Social-Media Channels for Marketing Your Brand in China

Social-Media Channels for Marketing Your Brand in China

The Next Generation of Employer Branding strategy: Purpose Marketing

World Employer Branding Day Conference 2020

Tools for Marketing Medical Devices

Marketing in the digital era is no longer a ‘spray and pray’ business

Medical Devices – Who’s Your Target Audience? Do You Know How to Reach Them?

As a marketer of medical devices - there are several personas you need to know

A Healthy Marketing Strategy for Your Medical Device Company

Here are some suggestions that can help medical companies decide how to best invest their marketing budget.

5 Marketing Automation Tips For The Lazy B2B Marketers

I am not going to solve all your day to day hustle in this post, but here are 5 tips that might help you get rid of some burden in your busy marketing work.

What do LinkedIn’s new retargeting features mean for B2B marketers?

After a long beta period and eager anticipation, this week LinkedIn finally released new retargeting features on its advertising platform.

4 Tips for Creating a Killer Facebook Video Ad

Facebook video ads are some of the most effective advertising formats to keep your audience’s attention by showing your brand’s personality while connecting emotionally.

6 Ways to Spot your Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors help promote the company’s brand utilizing their own personal and professional networks. The best ambassadors are employees – they know the company and its products, its unique selling points, and they know what makes the company a great place to work for.

We have made Clutch’s list!

Clutch has recently announced new research on the 2019 top-rated B2B firms in Asia and the Middle East and we have made the list!

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