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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Now More than Ever

In this ever-changing environment, companies are expected to be transparent, ethical and responsible towards their stakeholders

How to become a videoconference Rockstar

The Coronavirus and resulting global crisis have completely changed the way we work and live.

I See Your True Colors – Remote Employer Branding

In recent weeks, we have been witnessing impressive preparations by companies to cope with the new COVID-19 reality: remote working in quarantine surrounded by family

An engaging employee experience shapes a killer employer brand

A killer employer brand, whether communicated internally to employees or externally to potential employees, is one that reflects the authentic experience employees have with the company as an employer.
Know your enemy – how to spy on your competitions paid ads

Know your enemy – How to spy on your competitions paid ads

The more we know about our competition allows us to better market our services and products, differentiate our brand from others, and focus on what’s profitable and valuable for our business.
What Google's latest announcement means for B2B marketers

Beware the Cookie Monster: What Google’s latest privacy announcement means for B2B marketers

Google announced its plans to phase out support for 3rd party cookies in Chrome by 2022. What steps should B2B marketers take now?

Put Down That Funnel, and Start Thinking About Customer Lifecycle

There is one question now one wants to hear at the end of a presentation: "and then what?" In that one simple phrase, all your efforts are reduced to nothing,

B2C Digital Marketing Tools that B2B Should Adopt

There are as many marketing strategies as there are clients. However, when it comes to digital marketing, some strategies have been split between the ‘B2C’ and ‘B2B’ categories. For some reason, B2B businesses seem reluctant to use some of the B2C tactics and marketing tools, if they think about them at all. These limitations are […]

Digital Marketing Is Dead, Long Live Digital Marketing

Do you think that announcing the death of digital marketing is outrageous? After all, only a few years ago we buried traditional marketing (print is dead, long live digital!), and talked about digital becoming mainstream. So digital indeed became mainstream, perhaps even too mainstream. We don’t mean to say that we should stop using digital […]

Segoma India Turns 3!

Segoma India Turns 3 and hits the record breaking pinnacle of photographing 4000 stones daily! Three years ago, Segoma India opened their doors. It was a small branch with 3 dedicated employees and a great deal of ambition. Today, three years later, Segoma India is indeed a success, a jewel in our crown: A brand […]

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