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Hashtag holidays? What’s in it for you?

Sprout Social has recently released a calendar of hashtag holidays for 2020 that will help you increase engagement.

Writing Newsletters That Get Opened

While extremely popular and a must in any marketing strategy, writing newsletters that get opened and read is extremely challenging. You have to come up with fresh ideas all the time and make sure that the topics speak your audience’s language. You have to pay attention to the call to action and click rates and […]

The Ingredients that Make a Good Blog Post

Writing a good blog post has its rules. It’s like following the recipe for your favorite cake – it has ingredients and directions that you must follow so that you get the results you want. What are the ingredients for a good blog post? The right topic and idea, of course. How do you find […]
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The Art of B2B Content Marketing Writing

Today’s job listings are full of ads for content-marketing writers, content managers, B2B content marketing managers and similar job titles. They all look for talented writers that can research and write materials and then gather analytics. This is not by chance. Companies seem to have finally discovered the value of content for their business. B2B […]

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