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Account based marketing – marketing strategy

ABM is much more than a trendy marketing strategy. It’s a full-fledged methodology that revolves around quality rather than quantity. It’s not about counting leads but about concentrating your efforts on a small number of accounts that can increase your ROI.

Avoid small email mistakes that can have expensive consequences

E-mail marketing mistakes seem minor but can significantly impact business performance. Below is a list of the most frequently encountered e-mail marketing mistakes. Most of them are relatively easy to avoid, and the benefits you will gain by taking the necessary steps to do so will be far more valuable than the cost of avoidance.

What is Account Based Marketing?

ABM (Account Based Marketing ) is a marketing strategy based on innovatively using new technologies that provide the ability to aim customized messaging to specific targeted account and business persona within this account. This enables companies to concentrate on attentive relationships with specific businesses and their relevant decision makers.

Five things you must know Before Starting Your ABM Campaign

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) shakes things up in digital marketing by changing the focus from thousands of anonymous leads to a handful of cherry-picked individuals. An ABM campaign has the potential of generating far more value than most online campaigns since some businesses only need a few of the right type of client to hit their yearly numbers. But a successful account based marketing campaign is no simple task, and before you embark on your such an excursion, you should make sure you're prepared.

B2C Digital Marketing Tools that B2B Should Adopt

There are as many marketing strategies as there are clients. However, when it comes to digital marketing, some strategies have been split between the ‘B2C’ and ‘B2B’ categories. For some reason, B2B businesses seem reluctant to use some of the B2C tactics and marketing tools, if they think about them at all. These limitations are […]

Digital Marketing Is Dead, Long Live Digital Marketing

Do you think that announcing the death of digital marketing is outrageous? After all, only a few years ago we buried traditional marketing (print is dead, long live digital!), and talked about digital becoming mainstream. So digital indeed became mainstream, perhaps even too mainstream. We don’t mean to say that we should stop using digital […]
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From Social B2B to F2F Meetings in 3 Easy Steps

Social-media marketing enables businesses to reach more customers, have them interact with a brand and build a strong presence online. However, many companies create social pages and then fail to get people to become members, customers or advocates. All they get is a sporadic Like. To make social pages a powerful digital marketing platform, people […]
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The Art of B2B Content Marketing Writing

Today’s job listings are full of ads for content-marketing writers, content managers, B2B content marketing managers and similar job titles. They all look for talented writers that can research and write materials and then gather analytics. This is not by chance. Companies seem to have finally discovered the value of content for their business. B2B […]

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