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DS391X241 - Decoding Dark Social: Unraveling the Challenges and Smarter SEO Strategies for B2B Brands

Decoding Dark Social: Unraveling the Challenges and Smarter SEO Strategies for B2B Brands

Welcome to the intriguing world of Dark Social, a mysterious place where B2B brands often find themselves navigating through a fog of hidden content sharing. Dark Social refers to the under-the-radar sharing that happens via private messages, emails, and other elusive channels, hiding the true origins of content circulation. This veil of secrecy not only […]
tik tokm 1010 391X241 B - TikTok 101

TikTok 101

With over a billion users worldwide, TikTok keeps taking the world by storm. Using music, filters, and other effects, to generate creative short videos, it has far surpassed the child’s play or teenage pop culture often alluded to this platform. From recipes and travel blogs through fan facts and activism, all the way up to […]
tik tokm 1010 391X241 A3 - TikTok for EB

TikTok for EB

TikTok to BE all you can EB While many companies have learned to use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to search for potential employees and prospects, today, a large part of the population doesn’t use those platforms. Many of these people are on Instagram, Snapchat, and especially TikTok. Today, 44.1% of TikTok […]
Instagram blog A2 391x241 1 - Instagram for EB

Instagram for EB

Instagram – A new generation of Employer Branding 79% of job applicants search for jobs on social media. While platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have become obvious methods for companies to promote their employer brand, with 76% of organizations already using them, Instagram is often wrongfully overlooked. Especially since 90% of Instagram users follow and […]
B2B marketing on TikTok 391X241 באנר לעמוד - B2B marketing on TikTok

B2B marketing on TikTok

As of 2020, almost 3 years post launch, TikTok has opened its cyber gates for businesses and has harnessed thousands of business accounts so far. As TikTok harbors an endless array of subcultures, all kinds of businesses use the platform to build awareness, create interest, and add spice to drive sales. Businesses found many of […]
1080x1080 100 - Social media in Thailand for B2B companies

Social media in Thailand for B2B companies

Social Media in Thailand As part of our series of short insightful webinars, we invited our customers to say Sawasdee (“sah-wah-dee”) to the social media in Thailand with Ophir Penso, our very own marketing department manager at Xtra-Mile. With Thailand’s globalization, embracement of progressive ideas, and its digital revolution, the Thais have significantly broadened their […]
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