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Brand Storytelling On LinkedIn

The key to creating a successful brand on LinkedIn is a quality community around your brand and a professional content strategy.

Hashtag holidays? What’s in it for you?

Sprout Social has recently released a calendar of hashtag holidays for 2020 that will help you increase engagement.

4 Tips for Creating a Killer Facebook Video Ad

Facebook video ads are some of the most effective advertising formats to keep your audience’s attention by showing your brand’s personality while connecting emotionally.

Dear John…

Is Personal Communications Enough to Give a Personal Feeling? Just now, as I sit to write this post, my telephone rings. On the line is a personalized voice message: “Hello, this is a special personal message for you. We have a unique offer…” For a long time now, the dominant trend in the world of […]

Outsourced Marketing – Dress for Success while Stripping away Excess Cost

In today’s market, the struggle to get to the next customer is becoming more and more difficult. New technologies and tools launched on a daily basis have changed the rules of the marketing game. Social networks now empower consumers, changed the relationship between enterprises and their customers, and created a new reality that is difficult […]

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Apply for a job

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