Taking Your Marketing Leap into Latin America

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Xtra-Mile Helps You Take Your Marketing Strategies & Execution Efforts to LATAM

As the experts in digital marketing, Xtra mile helps B2B and B2C companies in the IT, software, hi-tech, medical devices, and life-sciences sectors to market their products and services globally.

According to eMarketer, digital ad spending in Latin America is growing even in these times of economic volatility and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region.

Despite this marked growth, not many companies know how to approach the Latin American market to sell their products/services or technology and increase their share in those territories. Leveraging our expertise of almost 20 years, we can help you develop and execute a LATAM-focused marketing strategy that will give you actual results

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Asset 45 1 - Taking Your Marketing Leap into Latin America

The Xtra-Mile Way

The Latin American market has very unique characteristics:

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To help our customers expand their operations to Latin America, we bring in-depth knowledge of each local market, how it operates, its culture, business environment, political climate, consumption patterns, how audiences view digital marketing, and how they engage with brands.
We go beyond mere translation to offer true localization of your product/service or technology, so that they are truly adapted to the specific locale or market you’re targeting and ‘speak’ your audiences’ language. 

What Do We Offer?

From lead generation, through consumer awareness, to marketing automation and measurement, we provide all the digital marketing services you may need to succeed in Latin America

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Research – we operate with local affiliates to conduct in – depth research, feel the pulse of the market and make informed decisions.

Marketing strategy – we do the research and build together with you the best local marketing strategy. This includes a concrete GTM plan to answer the following questions (to name a few): What are your overall business objectives? Are you targeting all countries or specific ones? 

Do you know which country/region is the most attractive for what you’re offering? We make sure your plan is clear in terms of what you will do, how you will do it, your target audience, specific personas within the audience, the channels you will use, and the content you will serve.

Content – our experts speak the local languages and know how to convey the messages with a local voice. We define each target audience and serve specific content for each, adapted to the culture and habits of each group.

Audience engagement – we use the channels that are popular in each country to elicit the highest response. We define, target, and engage with the right people in the right organizations to make sure your message gets across.

Asset 46 1 - Taking Your Marketing Leap into Latin America

Targeting and penetrating a new market is never easy.
It’s even more difficult when the culture and environment are so different from what you and your company are used to.

We can help!

Contact us to discuss what your goals for Latin America are and how you can achieve them.

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