Thought Leadership Management

Building a Foundation Of Trust

What is Thought Leadership?
When should you consider using it?

LinkedIn and Edelman performed a survey with over 3,000 Decision-Makers on the impact of Thought Leadership and reached significant conclusions:

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50% of Decision-Makers spent one hour or more per week reading Thought Leadership
content on LinkedIn

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59% of Decision-Makers agree that an organization’s Thought Leadership is a more trustworthy basis than its marketing materials and its product sheets.

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98% of Decision-Makers say that Thought Leadership can be effective in enhancing their perception of an organization

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Why do you need a dedicated social media plan for your thought leadership efforts?

Thought-Leadership is far more than sharing your brand’s content via an executive’s profile. It’s about building the right network, engaging in conversation, creating insightful content, forming online relationships, and keeping an authentic voice. Once done right, a Thought-Leadership plan can act as an amplifier to your brand’s marketing efforts.

At Xtra-Mile, we’ve developed a holistic approach that practices different methodologies while establishing a unique and personal tone of voice.

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We will help you achieve 3 critical benefits:


After studying and analyzing LinkedIn Top Voices, we have developed our very own methodology to identify Executives' online persona, and create their true voice, differentiated from other leaders and professionals.

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Brand Discovery Markets and business personas, solutions and
USPs, target audiences

Online Persona Personality Thought Leadership matrix.

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Content Plan
Crafting messaging, creatives, and content formats, creating the optimal content mix to convey our messages.

Network Building
P2P campaigns management.

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Monthly insights and

of audience engagement,
# and mentions strategy,
market positioning, and
SSI score.

Why choose Xtra Mile for your thought leadership efforts?

We are B2B marketing experts and understand the leading Decision-Makers in every organization we serve.

We have in-depth knowledge of the nature of the B2B market, its unique aspects and characteristics. We know how audiences feel, behave, and act on Social Media and how it affects the brand’s entire digital

Our vast experience in Digital Marketing, Employer
Branding, and Social Media management allows us to
implement best practices and global benchmarks for
your brand’s success.

Among the brands who trust us in their social media efforts:

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