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Emerset - from Digital to Physical


Emerset demystifies the complex world of licensing and negotiations.
As one of the leading licensing consulting companies, Emerset works with a global client base to help companies contain costs for software assets. 

Emerset provides Microsoft, Oracle, Google and other software and cloud vendors’ enterprise licensing and cloud advisory services that contain costs and avoid Overspending, audit preparation & mitigation, compliance analysis.


Emerset’s main target market is the US, where it has always invested its time and resources, including marketing efforts. 

Approximately two years ago, Emerset decided to further reinforce their presence in the American market and increase their share in other global markets. 

They decided to enter into an engagement with Xtra mile, which helped the software licensing company’s increase its market presence overall.


Emerset entrusted Xtra mile with the task of creating a digital strategy that works. Executing it through different channels, Xtra mile mapped the journey of prospects in international markets from the digital to the physical realm. 

In other words, it developed strong digital campaigns with concrete, measurable results, from reading content on Emerset’s website, blog posts and other outlets, through participating in webinars, to receiving phone calls or scheduling meetings with sales representatives. 

Emerset operates in a unique, non-commoditized market, which made the task even more challenging. 

Xtra mile had to find the target prospects, educate them, and lead them through a very clearly mapped funnel.


Xtra mile invested a great deal to learn what Emerset does, its offering, target markets and added value. 

The agency’s experts researched the best methodologies to arouse interest in Emerset. 

In short, they set out to create widespread appreciation for the consulting firm and its services. 

The marketing agency’s gurus engaged in numerous digital marketing campaigns, including SEO, PPC, content writing and publication in digital-media outlets. 

But they went even further to ensure the transformation from digital to physical. They identified and segmented potential target audiences (buyer personas), their challenges, needs and digital presence.

They then mapped the right and accurate customer journey for each audience to create awareness and educate them. 

The strategy was to take advantage of very advanced marketing automation, content aggregators and distribution tools and technologies to make sure that the right content reached the right audience and achieve Emerset’s digital-marketing objectives. 

Today, Emerset has at its disposal a team of Xtra mile experts that work hand in hand with the company’s executives to understand their strategy and translate it into measurable marketing objectives.


Xtra mile succeeded because it understood early on that the potential market for Emerset had to be educated.
The results were measurable from day one:

Today, Xtra mile provides Emerset with end-to-end marketing services that ensure the software-license company reaches its strategic objectives in international markets, in time and within budget.

Quick Facts




Software Asset Management, audit and licensing negotiation readiness services


  • Digital marketing in the US and other international markets
  • Marketing automation
  • B2B content program
  • Strong presence in social media


  • Dramatic increase of over 100% in the number of quality leads
  • End to End marketing services
  • Full visibility of Emerset’s management to their digital funnel
  • Real-time business decisions based on accurate and measurable data

“After several frustrating attempts with other marketing agencies, we couldnt be more pleased with Xtra miles results.

We always had a clear licensing methodology process, but a less clear idea of how to reach new markets.

Xtra mile is paving our way into more markets and more interested customers, increasing our visibility dramatically.

Xtra miles professionals work with our experts very closely to maximize our international presence.”

Meir Raz, COO and, Co-founder

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