Did You Consider a Brand Character for Your Business?


Through a magnifying glass you can clearly see that B2C companies do more creative than B2B companies. But the trend is changing, and the need for creative between businesses is growing. One of the most prominent tools in B2C is brand character – that illustrated or animated image that identifies with a brand, is part of its design language and is widely used in its marketing platform. In B2C, using a brand character is a given as it personalizes the brand, product or service. In B2B, however, the assumption is that businesses relate less to these characters or personas.

But this assumption is intrinsically incorrect.

At the end of the day, all companies speak to people

Even when you address a company, you’re actually addressing the decision makers in that company. You establish a conversation with them via a variety of channels, send and receive messages, and enter into a long-term relationship with them. When you add a brand character to your marketing toolbox, especially when your competitors do not have one, your brand gains a relative advantage, which you can always develop and leverage further.

The personality of your brand is the personality of your brand character

The name of the game is personification.

Take Kellogg’s, for example, which went from flat and plain boxes to boxes with illustrated characters. The change made millions for the company.

Your brand character must speak the language that you speak when you address your target audience. The company that creates it for you must understand this language clearly, and should be able to translate it into a visual character with depth, personality and a story to tell. The brand character should not only convey your message, it must be part of your message, and that message must be interesting!

Adapt your brand character to your target audience

We said people, and people hear and listen. Before you create your brand character, you must listen to what your target audience thinks, feels and needs. Based on that data, you can learn how to address them, what tone and language to use. Do you have to make them laugh? Awaken them? Get them to respond emotionally?

Your brand character is a key player in your company – don’t forget to nurture it!

Bring your brand character to every marketing meeting. It won’t eat or drink or express an opinion, but it will wait for you to set it in motion, use it and take advantage of its skills. At the end of the day, it is an important member of your team just like your senior management. Even more than that, it can speak to many more people simultaneously than many ‘regular’ people.

There is an enormous world of B2B out there – give your brand character room to roam in it

To send a salesperson to close a deal abroad you need a lot of money, pay for flights, accommodation, and more. Your brand character can get from place to place online, land in several countries at the same time, tell your story, and sell your product in as many languages as you want. But it’s not only about geography. You can use your brand character in any platform, be it social media, a conference, or even making a speech on your behalf at TED.

If you could to find the ultimate marketing person, who will be loyal to your brand, understand the business, convey your messages originally and convincingly, and bring you quick ROI, you would hire that person without a second thought, right?

Well, let us tell you – that person is here!

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