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Instagram – A new generation of Employer Branding

79% of job applicants search for jobs on social media. While platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have become obvious methods for companies to promote their employer brand, with 76% of organizations already using them, Instagram is often wrongfully overlooked. Especially since 90% of Instagram users follow and interact with at least one business on the platform daily.

The truth is that it is not surprising that Instagram proves to be the best platform for showcasing your brand and attracting talented candidates since most millennials have an affinity for Instagram. In fact, it is estimated that a third of the active users are under 25, a third are between the ages of 25-34, and the remaining third are over the age of 34, and all of them spend on average 29 minutes a day on the platform. That is a lot of time and opportunity for you to be seen by your current and potential employees.

This visual social platform is a great way to create a wealth of current information that will help candidates discover you and find out more about you, as well as nurture relationships with current employees. Recruiters can use Instagram to find and attract potential employees. HR can use Instagram to share photos from events and celebrations, and Managers can use Instagram to communicate and highlight successes. The uses are endless!

There is a range of attractive tools that Instagram offers that can help strengthen your employer brand. You can utilize photos, and gifs, in your Instagram feed to promote your open positions and attract job seekers. Short videos in the form of Reels or longer videos in the form of IGTV are also at your disposal to showcase current employees and their successes. Additionally, you can share a peek into your corporate culture and day-to-day activities and encourage engagement with your followers through stories that disappear within 24 hours, and increase your employee’s connection to your brand.

Spotify, Hubspot, Salesforce, and many other big-name companies have already mastered the art of Employer Branding on Instagram. For example, HubSpot’s Instagram page is regularly “taken over” by employees who show the lifestyle of the HubSpot teams. Spotify has multiple different accounts for different branches around the world in order to better communicate with their global audience. In addition, the main page often posts about how it started out and how it evolved, which gives a wonderful peek into the brand’s story. Meanwhile, Salesforce branded their employees and ambassadors “Trailblazers” and dedicated a separate page to showcasing their fun activities from holiday events, and themed parties, to volunteer activities.

Despite the apparent benefits of the platform, things are no longer as simple as they used to be. First, there is a lot of competition. You’re not only competing for attention against other companies that have embraced employer branding, but also against traditional marketing teams, as well as personal pages of regular people just living their lives. Secondly, Instagram can appear ineffective if it’s not used properly. You will most certainly fail at Instagram if you treat it like another website for promoting company news. Understanding how Instagram users use the platform is crucial to a successful Instagram campaign. When you want to attract users’ attention and grow your business, your profile should act like a person, not a distant corporation.

Plan your Instagram employer branding strategy with these tips:

  • Identify your employer branding objectives. This could include increasing brand awareness, attracting job seekers, promoting open positions, or displaying the culture and work environment of your organization.
  • Decide on an audience to target. The content that is sought by different audiences should be distinctive from one another. Consider creating separate pages for hiring and for culture.
  • Invest in a good camera and make sure to take high-quality photos of your company’s office activities or events. This is a very visual platform, and the content must look good.
  • Do not settle for just uploading static images in posts. Use all the different tools Instagram offers: from captions through polls within the Stories, to live Q&A sessions to promote your brand.
  • Make use of employees’ experiences and opinions in the form of spotlights, employee takeovers, and stories.
  • Engage your target audience by engaging with their stories, sharing their stories to your page, commenting on their posts, and messaging them within the platform.
  • Manage the account in real time. So much content is uploaded daily that in order to be seen, you must publish content regularly with relevant and up-to-date content.


Instagram has so many wonderful ways to help you showcase your brand. As you plan your employer branding strategy for other social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn, don’t leave this creative and engaging platform behind.

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